20th- and 21st- Century Novel

The course examines the status of the novel as a most prominent literary genre and its importance for the culture of the 20 centry. The course identifies the repetitive myths and themes in the 20 century novel: the myth of cultural identity, the theme of the time and the language, the figures of the „unglückliche Bewusstsein“ in the novel (Thomas Mann, Marcel Proust, Robert Musil, etc); the themes of exile (James Joyce), sexuality, history and violence (Thomas Mann, Yokio Mishima, Margueritte Yourcenar). The course studies as well the counter-history of the novel, the subversive novels, anti-novels, etc.  Furthermore, the course examines and compares the most reccurent themes in the „organic“ novels of modernism and the path towards the novel of 21 century: the themes of race, ethnicity, identity; politics and the body; the diaporic authors, women authors, queer identities, etc. (Virginia Woolf, John Koetzee, Dubravka Ugresic).