Modern Russian language 1, 2

I Conversation and grammar topics.

  • 1. Introducing oneself. Functional grammar: personal pronouns, numerals, spatial relations, expressing one’s age;
  • 2. Work and study. Functional grammar: prepositional and accusative case, expressing attributive relations, imperfective and perfective verbs, present tense and imperative. Past tense; expressing time, expressing direction, the verbs идти and ехать. The use of antonyms.
  • 3. Planning the week.

II Conversation and grammar topics:

  • 1. My family and me. Functional grammar: dative case, expressing the age.
  • 2. In the shop, in the restaurant and canteen. Functional grammar: genitive case. The use of constructions denoting quantity.
  • 3. My day. Functional grammar: instrumental case, the use of reflexive verbs, verbs of motion.