Albanian Culture and Civilization 1, 2

  1. The notion ofculture, ofinterculturalism, multiculturalism, transculturalism, identity,assimilationandsyncretism. Pelasgians–prevalenceof Pelasgians intime andspace. Pelasgians, IllyriansandAlbanians in thelinguisticdata. IllyrianandHelleniccoloniesonthe Illyrianshore. The concept ofregionalidentityin the Balkans. The firstIllyriankingdoms. Illyrian–Romanrelations. Illyrianculture. The populationof the BalkanPeninsulain theearlyMiddle Ages. Illyriancivilization. The collapse ofthe RomanEmpireand the establishmentof the feudalorder.
  2. Albania under Byzantine rule. Establishment of Albanian principalities (XIII-XIV century). The Turkish invasion and Albanian resistance in XIV-XV centuries. Kastriots principality. Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg. Illuminism in the Albanian world. The first schools in Albanian language. The process of multi-confessional among Albanians. Albanian mythology. European renaissance in Albania. The period of national renaissance and independence of Albania. The development of science in Albania. Historiography. Linguistics. Folklore. Archaeology. Anthropology. The principles of the new political and economic order in the Balkans.