Computational Linguistics for French 1, 2

  1. The concept of computational linguistics. Natural Language Processing. Speech analysis and synthesis. Text analysis and text generation. Optical character recognition. Computational linguistics and teaching foreign languages. Multimedia and the internet. Programs to use the internet (browsers, search engines, downloaders). Concept of hypertext. Consulting and analysing sites and portals linked to French linguistics. Composing linguistic webography. Digital libraries with books on French language: how to use them and how to download books from them. Multimedia courses in French language and how to use them in the classroom. File formats and multimedia types of files.
  2. The concepts of computer lexicography and electronic linguistic corpora. Consulting of french electronic dictionaries, multimedia encyclopedias and terminological databases, written and spoken French corpora. Working with programs for machine translation and computer-aided translation. Translation memory. Consulting and analyzing the sites linked to French lexicography and to machine translation and computer-aided translation from and to the French language. Composing lexicography and translation studies webography.