Conference Interpreting 1, 2

  1. The course begins with a preparatory phase which consists of memory exercises, listening for gist, concentration exercises, paraphrasing, the ability to abstract. The preparatory work is of utmost importance since students have to acquire the basic steps in the whole interpretation process so that they will find it easier later on in the programme to cope with the speed and stress of simultaneous interpretation. Students are offered practice in order to acquire the basic reflexes required to transpose a message into another language. The course adheres strictly to the following sequence: sight translation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation.

  2. The course follows up on the explicit teaching and theoretical groundwork in note-taking techniques, and consists of practice in rendering short speeches consecutively, with or without notes, and simultaneously in the booth. In addition, students prepare and deliver speeches themselves, paying attention to poise, intonation, tone of delivery and booth behavior.