Cultural Studies (English B/C) 3, 4

  1. The course includes: a survey of the British literature: Medieval literature (Arthurian cycle, Chaucer), Renaissance (Shakespeare, Donne etc.), 18th century novel, romanticism, the Victorian literature, the 20th century; a survey of the American literature: beginning with B. Franklin and W. Irving,  Romanticism (Emerson, Whitman, Poe), Realism (Twain, James, London), Modernism (Pound, Eliot), American Realism (Hemingway), 20th century poetry and prose.
  2. The course covers: Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and Macedonia: comparative cultural studies focusing on the ancient history, the indigenous people, the invaders, mythology, development of literacy and literature, colonisations, gaining independence, participation in the World Wars, the effects of the political and social movements of the 20th century on culture, the languages and Globalization, national heroes, systems of values.