Czech Grammar 3, 4

  1. The third semester of morphology covers: general topic of pronouns, their division according to their characteristics. Declension of personal pronouns which have no gender, declension of pronouns and declension of adjectives. Numbers, declension of numbers. Verbs; verb formation, verb categories, division of verbs based on the ending of third person singular in present tense, division of verbs based on the manner of formation of past tense, etc. Prepositions, division of prepositions. Relation of the prepositions and cases and their meanings.
  2.  Definition of style. Stylistics and culture. Style, its essence and pre-requisites for its differentiation. Structural division of the Czech language: colloquial, i.e. colloquial – spoken and literary language. Style differentiation. Functional styles: artistic and professional style. Pragmatic functional styles: publicistic, normative, economic, etc. Mixing of functional styles and types of styles. Individual style. Main principles and problems of the stylistic work.