Czech Grammar 5, 6

5. Brief overview of the Czech historical grammar, historical phonology and functional evolution of the grammar categories. Syntax. The subject of syntax. Definition of sentence. Syntactic relations and mutual connection of words in the sentence. Types of sentences based on the grammatical structure. Simple sentence. Simple and compound sentence. Subject. Subject expression. Predicate. Verb predicate. Predicate noun with copula and without copula. Object. Object expression. Direct and indirect. Attribute. Congruent and incongruent attribute. Apposition. Prepositional attributes.

6. Division of sentences based on composition. Complex sentence definition. The issue of dependence and mutual subordination of clauses within complex sentences. Conjunctions. Connective symbols and words. Independent complex clauses: Coordinate clauses. Contrast clauses. Disjunctive clauses. Gradation clauses. Dependent complex clauses:  Subjective clauses. Attributive clauses. Objective clauses. Kind of adverbial clauses: place clause, time clause, clause of manner, reason clause – purpose, conditional, concession clauses, etc.