Czech Grammar 7, 8

  1. Historic grammar of the Czech language. Old Czech language is a language of the old Czech monuments of 14 century. It is a literary language. The literary Czech language has developed on the basis of middle Czech dialect. In the time of Great Moravia the dialect developed in close relation with the old Slavic, which at that time was the official language of the Church and public administration. Phonetic system of old Czech language. Vowels. Their characteristics and changes. Consonants. Syllable. Accent. Loss and vocalization of reduced vowels, etc.
  2. General knowledge of the subject and task of dialectology. Relation between the normative, literary Czech language and the dialects. Definition of dialect, colloquial language, group of dialects and dialects. Czech dialects and their groups: Czech dialect, middle Moravian dialect (hantec), east Moravian (Moravian-Slavic) and Silesian (Lach). Interdialects. Common spoken language and its phonemes; its relation with the spoken literary form.