Czech Literature 5, 6

  1. Folk poetry and the beginnings of the new poetic work. Antonin Jaroslav Puchmajer, the founder of the first Czech poetry school. Czech reform and its representatives: Josef Dobrovcky, Josef Jungman, Jan Kolar, Frantisek Celakovcky, Josef Safarik.
  2. Romanticism in the Czech literature. The theater and Josef Kajetan Til, Karel Hynek Macha – representative of the Czech Romanticism. Late reformers and representatives of the Czech Realism, Karl Jaromir Erben, poet whose bases of his poetry were taken from the Czech folk tradition. Overlapping of Romanticism and Realism and Bozena Nemcova. Karel Havlicek Borovsky, John Neruda, the authors of the Czech artistic prose and poetry. Petr Bezruc – the bard of the Czech Republic, and others.