French culture and civilization 2

Short review of the history of France (XVIII, XIX and XX century) through the prism of three fundamental segments of its cultural development: a) History of the nation: decadency of the Royal Reign, deepening of the social differences and consolidation of the bourgeois class, Constitutional Monarchy, French Revolution, the Terror Period and the I Republic, the rule of Napoleon, France throughout the change of the regimes (Restoration, Bourgeois Monarchy, Empire, Commune, Republic), La Belle Époque, the two World Wars, the Algerian Crisis, May 1968; b) History of Ideas: critical – revisionist spirit in the century of the philosophers. Encyclopaedia. Development of sciences and techniques; c) History of Art: Neoclassical tendencies in painting and architecture, Realistic painting, Salons and World exhibitions, Impressionism in painting, Cubism and Surrealism in painting and sculpture, contemporary architecture, Le Corbusier.