French Pragmatics

The subject matter of pragmatics as linguistic discipline. Schematic semantics. Sentence structure and interrelations between sentence parts. Lucien Tesnière. Charles Bally. Trans­formational-generative Grammar. Case Grammar. Global Semantics. Concept of verbal intercom­muni­ca­­­tion. Types of verbal intercommunication depending on the role of interlocutor: passive intercom­mu­nication, active intercommunication and verbal interaction. The structure of meaning of verbal intercom­mu­nication and the structure of meaning of speech act. Theory of speech acts. Types of speech acts: lo­cu­tionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary.  Performative verbs. Austin’s classification of speech acts: verdictives, exercitives, commissives, behabitives and expositives. Searle’s classification of speech acts: assertives, directives, commisives, expressives and declarations. Explicit and implicit meaning. Pre­sup­positions and implicatures. Grice’s conversational maxims: maxim of quantity, maxim of quality, ma­xim of relation and maxim of manner. Types of discourse units. Proverbs. Beliefs and predictions. Wit­ti­cisms. Jokes. Interactive discourse units.