German Language C3, C4

3. The course examines texts in which the content encompasses the general areas for communication (travel, guests, climate, landmarks, meetings, negotiations, public speaking, business correspondence etc.); grammatical content and morphological practical exercises, phonetics (pronunciation of the different syllables from the mother tongue – ü, ö, ä and others; stress, intonation and other; syntax. 4. All four linguistic skills are being developed: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Authentic texts covering different topics are being used in class. The vocabulary has a very important place: word formation, collocations, idioms, synonyms and antonyms and their use. The grammatical structures are being studied in accordance with their application and functionality. Furthermore, different linguistic styles are being taught and their use in different occasions, from informal to formal register. Writing texts for different purposes: letters, reports, articles, reviews, argumentations, as well as summaries of texts from different sources.