History of the French Language and Historical Grammar of French 1, 2

Substratum (pre-Celtic substratum, Gaulish substratum). Latin populaire – Vulgar Latin (cross relationship between Latin and Gaulish, German Superstratum). Gallo-romance period (romanization, phonetic/phonological evolution in Gallo-romance). Old French (first Old French texts, Old French dialects, Old French morphology, syntax and vocabulary, internal means of lexical enrichment). Middle French (14th and 15th century – Middle French phonetic/phonological evolutions, morphology, syntax and vocabulary, Middle French diffusion outside France). Renaissance (conditions for the language development, orthography/ spelling, first grammar books and first dictionaries, Latin and Greek loanwords from other languages, etc.). Modern French (français classique) in the 17th century (language policy, French language prestige and diffusion, purisme, lexicography, loanwords, etc.). French language in the 18th century (lexical enrichment, French language universality, French language in France and in the foreign countries, etc.). French language in the 19th century. French language in the 20th century.