Italian culture and society 1, 2

  1. Short review of the history and culture of Italy, with an emphasis on the most meaningfull events which are between the period of creating the Roman Empire: Pompay and Caesar, the Roman Empire, the ruling of Augustus, religion, beliefs and the Roman’s way of life, the creation and expansion of Christianity, the disintegration of the Roman Empire, the invasion of the Barbarians. The most important characteristics and examples of the art of that period: Roman, Paleochristian and Byzantian art.
  2. A short review of the history and culture of Italy with a special emphasis on the most significant events which entangle the period starting from the middle ages all through the  unification of Italy: Italy under the Longbards, the rulingof Karlo The Great and the feudalism, Arabs and Normans in Italy, Italy on “Comuni”, Repubbliche marinare, The creation of the “Signorie” and the definite disintegration of the Empire, Europe and Italy between XII and XIII century, the renaissance civilization, the period of the discovery of the new lands and travelling, a general picture of Italy between XIV and XV century, the time of the “Consulate” and the Napoleonic Empire, the creation of secret societies in Europe and Italy, from the first liberals untill the unification of Italy with a special emphasis on Mazzini, Cavour and Garibaldi. Getting to know the most significant aspects of the art of that period: the art during the renessaince, the manirism the baroque and the neoclasicism.