Linguo-stylistics 1

Notion and definitions of the style (mode, choice, combination, variation, deviations, innovation etc.). The stylistics as a transdisciplinary science. The stylistics and the other disciplines. Synchronic and diachronic crossing. The stylistics and the language culture. Emphasizing the specifics of the norm of the modern Macedonian language at all levels. The orthographic and orthoepic norm as a starting criterion for a quality language expression. Stylistic and style aspects in choosing figures of speech in the text. The standard language norm and the language practice. Stylistic values of language possibilities of the lexical layers of the phraseological expressions. Synchronic and diachronic language and cultural aspects. The heritage language (original and acquired from the contact with the respectable European languages) as a civilization benefit. Language stratification. Grammatical figures of speech; morphological categories as means of expressivization of the expression. Syntactical categories: expressiveness and stylistic features in the syntax. Language universals: synonymy, antonymy, homonymy, paronymy. Figurativeness in the language. Figures of speech: tropes and schemes. The external language figures of speech regarding stylistics.