Literary Genealogy – The Macedonian 19 century 1, 2

  1. Rebirth as a social-national, cultural activity and rebirth as immanent literary – evolutionary process in which literary genres are born. Macedonian 19th century as diachronic unit: diachronic act of the most important happenings. Macedonian 19th century as a place of birth of the ‘regular’ genres in literature. Language condition. Social condition. Cultural condition: books, dictionaries, print stores, potential (implicit and real) reader. Ideological and esthetical mark in literature. Rebirth as ideological domination over the esthetical mark. Birth of genres: prose – search of Macedonian literary 19th century story. Conclusion of Macedonian 19th century: New Macedonian literature compared to the European literature and South Slavic literature.
  2. Birth of Macedonian poetry in 19th century. Birth of drama in the Macedonian 19th century. Birth of linguistics and opinion journalism in Macedonia 19th century. Birth of Macedonian imagology.