Literary Theory and Methodology: Theory of Literature 1, 2

  1. The course covers literature and the study of literature: the notion of literature – an overview of theoretical concepts and definitions; the epistemic/research complex of literary science; a comparative overview of the disciplines of literary science with regard to their distinction and interaction; fundamental concepts and predominant approaches in comparative literary studies; the development of literary theory through history – a selective historical account of the types of poetics.
  2. The course covers literature and the study of literature in an intermedial and interdisciplinary context: the relations between literary theory and other fields/disciplines (rhetoric, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, cultural studies); an overview of the intermedial relations between literature and other arts and media; language versus speech: pragmatic and aesthetic aspects of speech; the function of language in literature; the distinctive specifics of literary and non-literary signs and speech; history, theory and typology of the figures of speech; analysis of the figures through examples of poetic and other literary texts.