Modern Czech Language 1, 2

1. Introduction and mutual communication. My studies and I. Family, family relations and everyday activities, in comparison with traditions and habits in the family in the Czech Republic and Macedonia. Professions and crafts. Livelihood: my room, my flat, my town, my country; spatial relations. Shopping, money, food – in Czech Republic and Macedonia. In restaurant, cafeteria, snack bar. Tutorials: spelling, nouns, adjectives, personal and demonstrative pronouns. Dictation and reproduction.

2. Everyday activities and free time of the person in contemporary conditions. In a shop – different types of shops. In a hotel. Travelling. Holiday. Weather. Time units, holidays and how they are celebrated. Seasons and climate characteristics of the European and Balkan region. National holidays. Tutorials: spelling, nouns, declension of nouns and adjectives, gradation of adjectives, prepositions. Dictation and reproduction. Letter and tests.