Modern Czech Language 5, 6

5. Contemporary conditions of cultural life – theater, cinema, television, radio, library, galleries and exhibition, concert halls, museums. Entertainment, hobby, horoscope. The most interesting cultural buildings in Prague. Cultural traditions in the Czech countries and Balkans. Cultural behaviour of the mass. Some traditional dishes of the Macedonian and Czech cuisine and their recipes. Traffic and types of traffic, tourism and its meaning. Tutorials: Syntactic exercises, position of the words in the sentence. Translation, newspapers reading and reproduction. Listening to audio tapes, watching videos.

6. Introduction to history and culture of the Czech countries in comparison with the history of Europe and the Balkans. Educational system of the Czech Republic and Macedonia. Job searching. Curriculum Vitae. Prague and the Czech Republic. Tutorials: Independent and dependent clauses and their conjunctions. Translations, reproduction of classical works and magazines. Listening to audio tapes, watching videos.