Polish Literature 7, 8

  1. Polish literature from its beginnings to the 18th century. The culture of medieval Poland. Chroniclers and writers. Polish-secular Latin poetry. Krakow Academy. Rebirth. Zygmunt golden century of Polish culture. Polish-Latin poetry of K. Yanicky. Civil Poetry (Biernat of Lublin). Civil prose. The scientific and political prose (M. Copernicus, A. Fritsch Modzhevsky). The work of J. Kochanowski. Idilite of Sh. Shimonovic. Baroque. The character of Baroque culture.
  2. Last 24 years (1989 – to date). Breaks in the nineties and his influence on the formulation of the new Polish literature. Literary awards in Poland. Literature of various empowerment. The term “small country”. Women writing: Manuela Gretkowska, Natasha Guerke, Olga Tokarchuk, Isabella Filipiak etc. Magic Realism. Criminal novel and science fiction as contemporary popular routes. The film as a new literary reflection. Pivotal moment in the emergence of Dorota Maslowska of Polish literature.