Russian civilization and culture 1-4

1. Beginning of the history of Russia (10th  – 14th). State structure and religion. Russian state (late 14th – mid 16th). Development trends of the Russian society. Reign of Romanov dynasty. Reforms of Peter the Great and their historical significance. Coup d’etat period before Elizabeth’s reign.

2. Reign of Catherin II (legislation, internal and foreign policy, beginning of the Russian literary language). Pavel I, Nikolay I, Alexandr II, Alexandr III. Political and social structure, Enlightenment in the 18th- 19th century.  Lifestyle and traditions

3. Reign of Nikolay II. Duma monarchy (1907 – 1914). Two Russian revolutions (1905 and 1917). Communism (1917 – 1993). World War II. Literature, theater, music, architecture, art. Russians’ behavior stereotypes.

4. Stalin era. De-Stalinization of literature and art. Khrushchev era. Gorbachov and USSR dissolution. Modern Russian life and culture. 21st century, Putin and Medvedev, Russia Today.