Russian Language Grammar 8, 7

VII Lexicology as part of linguistics. Introduction to Russian Lexicology. Basic types of lexical fund of the Russian language. Lexical homonyms, homographs, synonyms, antonyms, paronyms. Polysemy. Lexemes according to the form and according to the area of use: neutral style, literary, conversational, business, artistic, journalistic, scientific and popular style. Lexemes according to the origin of the words primeval-Russia; borrowings from non-Slavic languages, lexical calques. Lexemes according to the level of use: active and passive; historicisms, archaisms, neologisms. General information on the phraseology of the Russian language. Russian phrasemes semantic types. Phraseological idioms sources.

VIII The term stylistics. Its subject and tasks. Russian system of functional styles: neutral, literary, spoken, scientific, business, journalistic, scientific and popular. Stylistic synonyms system as part of the dictionary of the Russian language (emotionally colored, absolute). Thematic classification of stylistic synonyms.