Spanish Language 1-4

  1. Introduction to the basics of the Spanish language, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, present tense.
  2. Introducing the rest of the verbal moods of the indicative, some of the basic verb periphrases, enriching the vocabulary.
  3. Introduction to verbal moods in Spanish language, expressions, expressing conditions, translation.
  4. Introduction to verb modalities in Spanish language, expressions, writting essays, editing, translation.
  5. Specialized vocabulary, expressions, business communication, translation.
  6. Introduction to the techniques of writing an essay/elaboration of a topic; discussions on topics from different areas based on written and audiovisual material; individual project, translation from Spanish to Macedonian and vice versa.
  7. Writing essays/dissertations; discussions and debates; individual project; translation from Spanish to Macedonian and vice versa.