The Poetics of Oriental Literatures

The course includes: history of creation of the Biblical texts; interpretation of the classic texts – Hebraic roots of the Bible and their historic background; interpretations of representative texts of the Old and the New Testament. Comparison with the Quran, the central text of Islam. Interpretation of selected texts from Avesta, the Vedic literature, selected texts of Brahmanism, canonic texts of Buddhism (Tipitaka). The course examines the religious and philosophical foundation of the old Indian literature (Mahabharata, Ramayana, Panchatantra); the Indian drama (Kalidasa), and Natyashastra, the ancient Indian treatise on the performing arts. The course includes the basic texts of Chinese philosophy (Confucianism and Taoism) and its influences in Chinese early age prose and poetry. The course includes as well an overview of the Japanese poetry prose and drama (Haiku, Kagura, No, Kabuki, etc).