Theory and Methodology of Literature: Reception, Literature, Culture

The theory of reception is a subversion on the idea of ​​the primary function and role of the text in literary analyses. Reading is analysed as a an expectation of a coherent meaning, it points out to the  polarity of writing versus reading, it is a procedure that is occupied with reception/ impact/ intertext: comparative strategies. Main categories: implicit reader/ empirical reader, the role of awareness in reading as phenomenological perspective, reading as communication of two consciousnesses or their empathy, reading as free or forced interpretation according to norms, reading between individual and collective competence and response, reading as interaction between the text and the reader in the procedure of construction of a coherent meaning/ effect/ response/ wirkung/  interpretive communities. The theory of reception focuses on the function of listening in the field of oral literature and compared with the role of reading in written literature. Comparative interpretation and  intertextual analysis, cultural contextualization of the literary analyses.