Theory of Translation and Interpreting 1, 2 (German Language B)

1. The development of translatology as the translation and interpretation science. The subject of translation/interpretation theory. Overview of the theoretical idea of translation/interpretation. Various approaches and stages in the development of translation/interpretation theory: literal and free translation, generative transformation grammar, contrastive linguistics, translational linguistics, equivalence theory, translational text linguistics and pragmatics: descriptive translation studies, interdisciplinary translatology, functional translatology. Implicit and explicit translation/interpretation theories. 2. Definition of the main types of translation: literature, professional and technical translation, film translation etc. Translation process. Definition and main types of interpretation: bidirectional, consecutive and simultaneous translation. The interpretation process. Translation and interpretation as cultural transfer. Translation problems: language, pragmatic and cultural problems. The translator’s/interpreter’s competencies. Translation and interpretation strategies: grammar and semantical deviations. Critical assessment and evaluation of translated literarature and technical translation, verbal texts and films.