Theory of Translation and Interpreting 1, 2

1. The course includes: Diachronic review of translation and the theoretical thought of translation in Europe beginning with the first monuments, through the Roman period, Middle Ages and the period of so-called Les belles infidèles, until 20th century. Translation of the Bible. Cyril and Methodius upon translation. The theory of translation as a separate science. Types of translation. Text analysis and parameters for evaluating translations. Panorama of contemporary theoretical approaches to translation. 2. The course covers the XXth century. Descriptive theories of translation – linguistic approaches: translation method of Viney and Darbelnet, John Ketford, George Mounin. The theory of Roman Jakobson. Traductology of Jean-Rene Ladmiral. Discourse analysis as a method for translation (Jean Delisl). Jirzi Levy. The theory of the polysystem (Itamar Even-Zohar, Gideon Toury). Interpretative theory of Danica Seleskovic and Marianne Lederer. Literary approaches: Henri Meshonique. Walter Benjamin and the “Task of the translator”. Jacques Derrida. Octavio Paz. The matrix of translation (Dragi Mihajlovski). Translating as a literary re-creation (illustration through examples).